Design Collaborations

photo by KT Merry

We love collaborating with some of the best in the biz. Creativity and delivering the best looks for our clients can come from working together. Also, with the custom work that we do, it’s important for everything to not look exactly the same. So, today we wanted to introduce some of our creative partners. Above, for a smaller wedding, Bernard Maisner’s super romantic script creates the invitation, and each envelope is hand addressed. This is truly a treasure for each guest to receive.

photos by Jose Villa

For another romantic scripty look both on invitations and on wedding day materials, Extras by Emily penned the paper. While it’s certainly acceptable to have a different look on the pre wedding papers from the day of, we really like the fluidity this look gives.

photo #1 by Theo Milo, #2 by Jose Villa, #3 and #4 by Corbin Gurkin

Another calligrapher we have used for many years is Claudia Engle. Claudia also designs gorgeous monograms for people. But, as you can see, each calligrapher has their own unique look, and we love making sure we match them to our clients.

Another Lettered Olive friend we can’t get enough of is Hatch Cove Designs. Not only do we have Hatch Cove do some calligraphy for us when needed, but her watercolor images are featured on many of our designs. One of our favorite items we collaborate on, are our watercolor seating charts. Above, an image of the home where the wedding took place with long tables is illustrated. And, since she also offers calligraphy services, the names are handwritten at each spot. This becomes a lovely gift for the couple after the event.

photo by Liz Banfield

We also had a client with a personal relationship with illustrator and designer, Happy Menocal. Known for her whimisical look, and fun color combos, we loved collaborating on this one.

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