Holiday Shopping


Of course, we find ourselves working on plenty of letterpressed holiday cards this time of year, but we also offer several fun gifting items for those that are letterpressed obsessed or paper fans.


Surcies (a little surprise gift just because) a staple in the South, but of course a Surcie needs to be beautifully presented as well.  So, we created our surcie tag set (available on, which are perfect to dress up Secret Santa/office gifts, hostess gifts, and other surcies of the season.  Who doesn’t feel even more special when they receive something, no matter how small, when it’s beautifully packaged?


Our oyster salt and pepper cellars are a must for any hostess… super chic and unexpected..


Another popular item that we were printing often for our weddings were matchbooks. We thought it could be a great addition to homes around the holidays having their own custom matchbooks for the hearth or candles, parties, etc.

Lettered Olive cocktail napkins

Of course, there are your must haves for entertaining year round… Linen cocktail napkins would be a perfect surcie to gift, and a perfect companion for any hostess’ collection.  I have an affinity for cocktail napkins, so I have a wide variety of different designs, colors, etc.  You can definitely mix them up at your parties, put fun different colored ones at the bar or with the drinks, and mix complimentary ones throughout the food set ups.

Lettered Olive drink stirrers

A fun addition that you may not think about but will sure make a difference to your guests are cocktail stirrers (can also be used as food picks). Definitely a nice little touch, and the good thing is that they last forever, so you can stock up and not worry…

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