Life Before Pantones…

We all remember elementary art classes of color wheels and finger painting. The days where red + yellow = orange and blue + yellow = green seemed so simple. Today we look at color a bit differently. There is not just orange; there is pumpkin, tangerine, coral, rustic, sunset, ginger… just to name a few. In the creative industry, we specify these never-ending tones variations with Pantone colors. Our handy little Pantone book allows the creative industry to have a complete color language – meaning one’s version of tangerine orange can always match another’s if given the right Pantone reference.

Where did this color coding all start? In 1962, artist A.Boogert hand wrote an 800-page book on color theory and mixing, entitled Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau. The pages are filled with water color mixtures and explanations on how to achieve each hue. This single-copy book was one of the first of it’s kind. The first Pantone Color Guide book wasn’t even in existence until 1963. Today, we can pick up our Pantone book and have a bit more of an appreciation of the colorful history behind it!

To see the full book, click here.



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