Black and White

My friends and co-workers will tell you that I tend to wear a lot of black, especially in the winter. Its not a reflection of how I feel about the chilly days of December (though for those in Charleston, we’ve only marginally encountered sub 60 degrees thus far). I just love the versatile look of black. It can be sleek, mod, dressy, and a great palette for accessories. You just can’t go wrong.
The same goes with using black and white at your wedding. This age old concept of the “black and white wedding,” though it has had its highs and lows (eh-hmm… Kim Kardashian), is not going anywhere. Check out some details that Tara and I pulled together for a black and white inspiration spread in the latest issue of Smitten Magazine. If you haven’t had the joy of perusing the perfectly purveyed details of Smitten Mag, you’re in for a treat! We’re so honored to be included.

Read the article here! Snakeskin, agate, and ombre (and of course the Cannon Collection) make for a far-from-traditional twist on the traditional.

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