May 23, 2018

Southern Soiree

This Georgia wedding was all about sweet Southern details. A fresh color palette of blue and green and floral accents were what we were working with to create a wedding weekend of pretty printing for our bride. This simple save the date set the tone for a lovely formal home wedding. We thank Liz Banfield for all of the photos.

Simple canvas totes reserved decor for the letterpress name cards tied to the exterior. Weekend information was placed on pretty singular cards that guests could pop in their purses to have handy. A custom floral/fauna pattern anchored the card and dressed up the simple lettering.

Ceremony programs were letterpressed onto thick luxurious paper and die cut into fan shapes, perfect for the humid outdoor ceremony.

For this ceremony with a large guest count, we wanted to make sure no one missed any of the important information. Jute bags contained cards with the evening’s timeline and menu, along with pens and blank cards so that guests could write well wishes to the couple in lieu of signing a guest book.  

Of course, cocktail hour wouldn’t be the same without our custom accoutrements- printed cocktail napkins and paper tray liners.

Since this wedding was a station style reception, and not a seated dinner, signage was important. Each station had it’s own hand lettered wording on various wooden shapes. The bar even listed the cocktails… And, this wedding (after days of rain leading up to it) featured a shoe check station, where ladies could turn in their high heels for comfy dance shoes.

And, while lounging in the garden, guests enjoyed furniture dotted with custom printed pillows in the floral patterns featured from the save the dates.

A simple “just married” was the perfect send off for this couple… The sign was shaped with the same die cut edges as the save the dates…

May 21, 2018

Nautical Nights

photo by Corbin Gurkin

As a counterpart to our post on beach wedding printing, we also get lots of requests for nautical styled events also… There are many stylish ways to do “nautical” without being too themey, so we’re sharing today, let us know if we can help you with any upcoming parties! These escort cards were made to look like flags on a “watercolor” board paying homage to the yacht club wedding location for the next day.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

With subtle nods to nautical, reversing the somewhat obvious and printing the white text on navy paper gives an upscale result.

photo by Corbin Gurkin

For this yacht club rehearsal dinner, we created a custom illustration that was used to line the envelopes, back the invitations, and also printed on fabric to use as table runners. We also created a logo featuring a crest atop crossing oars with an anchor representing two people joining together and anchoring each other in marriage. And, sweet flag place cards were tied with hemp twine.

photo by Corbin Gurkin 

Of course no nautical party is complete without the traditional look of stripes. To jazz up passing trays, we created simple red, white, and blue nautical striped papers.

photo by Corbin Gurkin 

And for dressing up the dessert plates, we made custom printed “doilies” using a rope and knot striped design.

May 16, 2018

Party with a Punch

Today’s wedding Wednesday feature comes to you from the bride’s home in Athens, GA.  For this spring affair, details include a punchy palette, a custom monogram designed from the initials of the couple’s last names, and an oak tree icon representing where the couple would marry.  Starting with the wedding welcome guest bags. We embroidered the bags with the oak tree emblem, making them good enough to use when they got home.  As for the contents, every piece was custom packaged- everything from mints, to frosty cups guests could use while pre partying. This is where our M and W “flip” monogram debuted. All photos by Liz Banfield, so thank you to her.

We just loved these guest information booklets included in the welcome bags. Enclosed in a coral folder with a letterpressed sticker welcome letter, multiple cards were used for breaking down weekend information. Our bride just loved the little icons for each card used at the top.

For an updated take on a traditional ceremony program, thick luxurious paper was used in case guests needed to fan themselves during the outdoor ceremony. The edges were painted in the punchy pink, and the oak tree (that guests faced during the ceremony) was a featured focal point.

Wedding and floral designer, Tara Guerard Soiree, had us make several M W monograms that they could use throughout in their decor… Here, separated and covered in white blooms they adorn the front doors of the house that the bride would walk out of and down the aisle.

Due the the high number of guests, Tara Guerard wanted to make sure that the crowd moved progressively and didn’t have to wait in lines for things like the bars, food, and of course signing the guest book. So, for this wedding, individual jute bags with cards and pens were placed on each seat. The front of the cards featured a beautiful English sonnet nodding to the celebration of the day, and the other was blank for guests to write notes to the couple while waiting for the ceremony to begin. As they  moved onto cocktail hour afterwards, the cards were dropped into a decorative bird cage.

It’s always a good idea to have extra signage on hand to “pretty up” somewhere you may not think of ahead of time. At the last minute, golf carts were added to help valet guests from the parking area, and we wanted it to be clear that they were indeed a part of the wedding.

For the reception, which was a cocktail and stations reception, lots of printed printed details were needed to dress up details. Letter pressed coasters asked servers not to remove guests’ drinks because they were on the dance floor. Also, food signage gussied up the party food, and of course, cocktail napkins with the MW monogram are a must!

For the comfort of guests, a flip flop and pashmina station was set up in the restroom trailer (also a place where our monogram signage was a hit- the “M” worked for men and “W” for women).

For a pretty as a picture first dance shot, the stage is finished off with a partition often covered in custom fabric, or in this case, embroidered runners with the featured monogram. A nice finishing touch for photos and for guest experience.

Finally, one more piece of tradition that remained at this wedding was the bride and groom send off… Birdseed packets were finished with sweet Lovebird stickers…

May 14, 2018

April Showers = May Flowers

photo by Jessica Claire

What says “wedding” more than flowers? We have designed so many pieces over the years incorporating flowers so we’re sharing some of our favorites today. We love this whimsical crest with a floral border for our New Orleans wedding.

photos by Liz Banfield

Flowers were such a part of this wedding’s design, first making their appearance on the letterpress invitations and again on the ceremony program booklets. This bride loved flowers so much that we made a die cut floral menu that decorated each place setting.

photos by Liz Banfield

For a San Antonio, Texas wedding, we took into account the Rose of Texas when creating a custom floral design for our client.  This floral design was the foundation for for much of the wedding, from the printing, to design, to the take home favor boxes. We printing the pattern onto fabric that the designer, Tara Guerard could use to cover the front of the reception bars, the tops of tents, and special linens.

photos by Corbin Gurkin

For a floral themed wedding, a sweet floral pattern was designed and used as little hints throughout still making a statement. Die cut floral cards elevated an escort card display using fresh peaches.

photos by Sylvie Gil

Florals can be sophisticated too, this hand drawn illustration (drawn by a friend of the mother of the bride) made the prettiest mirror image backing of the wedding ceremony program.

We will never tire of using florals in our design, but will keep trying new ways to keep them fresh!

April 25, 2018

Beachy Beauty

There is so much to love about this soothing suite much like the beach where the wedding took place. The color palette was a mix of unexpected pastels – seafoam, peach, lavender, and grey.  We created two features that were used throughout the paper and wedding design, a custom floral pattern, and monogram featuring the first name initials. Pretty calligraphy and illustration by Elizabeth Jones Calligraphy, and all photos by Corbin Gurkin.

Guests were welcomed with simple but stunning guest bags. Custom printed canvas totes are pretty enough that guests will use them when they get home, and a whimsical hand lettering and pattern play give a playful touch.

Since the wedding ceremony was held outside on the Grand Lawn of the Sanctuary, ceremony programs were printed on thick luxury paper and shaped as fans.

Die cut floral cards simply calligraphied made a statement when pinned to peaches for the escort card display. Much the wedding signage was kept simple with calligraphy.

Simple printed menus noted with the monogram were featured at dinner, along with die cut place cards fashioned like leaves.

The custom monogram also made a pretty appearance on table runners, and adorned the back of the bride and groom’s dinner chairs.

Lastly, the dance floor was covered in our floral pattern making for a gorgeous focal point in the middle of the ballroom…